Cob webs and honey

Thoughts received for the new year while at the altar on 31 Dec 2016, PLMC Heidi Baker.

Cobwebs with little spiders are often found in dark hidden, neglected corners. I saw the pipe attachment of a vacuum cleaner sucking up the cobwebs and spider. I feel it means the remnants of past issues being cleaned by the holy spirit. Inner healing of heart matters. There are a few instances that I don’t understand but nonetheless I can simply let go of these past baggages and walk into the new year with a light heart .

Then the thought of “honey in the rocks” came into my mind. I knew it meant the healing sweetness of the holy spirit permeating through to fill every corner, even the dark and neglected portions. The phrase ‘honey in the rocks’ kept coming repeatedly and I wondered what that really meant since honey is found in bee hives and does not come directly from rocks.

As I wondered about it, my own interpretation was that even during the hard, difficult times, His presence is there to provide sweetness and healing, as His honey flows through me, I can bring sweetness and healing into tough situations.

Later at home I googled on this term ‘ honey in the rocks’.  I love the expository provided here by Evangel church, extracts reproduced below:

You’ll feast on my fresh-baked bread  spread with butter and rock-pure honeyPs 81:16 I love baking and giving away my pastries. This verse speaks to me! 

“He made him ride on the high places of the earth, and he ate the produce of the field; and he made him suck honey out of the rock, and oil out of the flinty rock” Deut 32:13

This phrase is made famous by the song “He is my everything”

“And all the people came into the forest; and there was honey on the ground. And when the people entered the forest, behold, honey was dropping but no man put his hand to his mouth; for the people feared the oath. But Jonathan had not heard his father charge the people with oath; so he put forth the tip of his staff that was in his hand, and dipped it in the honeycomb, and put his hand to his mouth; AND HIS EYES BECAME BRIGHT” (1 Sam 14:25-29).

“If “honey” is to be obtained from the “rock”, the “rock” must be climbed, since the honey will not lie on the surface but in the clefts and fissures. Children of Israel entered the hill country of Ephraim* and cultivated bee hives in the cliff fissures, olive trees on the terraces. Wherever there is honey, there are bees. Bees might swarm in the cleft of the rock. Bees sting. Sometimes God allows afflictions to come into our lives so that when we are in a rough and wild places, we will be enabled to find there even richer provision than in cultivated places.

Rock also refers to Christ as our rock and refuge, a place to hide from the enemy. A protection, and fortress, a source of energy and nourishment.  

In the rock, in the ‘sela” BEES love to swarm in the cleft of the rock to make honey.

Here in flinty rock, the ‘tzsur’, olive trees love to grow there. Olive trees delight to grow on hills and mountains and hence we read of Mount of Olives. Out of these olive trees comes forth the OIL, thus “oil from flinty rock.”

Jesus as the “Rock” does deliver to us abundant supplies of “honey and oil. Out of your most difficult flinty rock of affliction will come forth the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes the “detour of our life” will land us in flinty rock – sharp, painful and torturous experience but that’s where the anointing is cultivated and released.

Honey and oil need to be discovered and extracted. He is able to turn our sterile situation into a fertile blessing. He is able to cause honey to come forth from the most rocky situation of our lives.”

So all those difficult years and points of pain were times of cultivating bee hives and olive trees in my garden of life. And now I am reaping honey and oil from those rocks. I am now able to literally bake fresh bread and spread it with oil and honey to give to others as a blessing.

*Joshua, Saul, David came from the tribe of Ephraim. The region later named Samaria (as distinguished from Judea or Galilee) consisted mostly of Ephraim’s territory. The area was mountainous, giving it protection, and also highly fertile, giving prosperity – wikipedia.


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